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...A Christian group at Adelaide Uni and UniSA City East/City West campuses. We run weekly Bible talks, Bible study groups, meetings with missionaries as well as camps and conferences during the year. Visit our website for more details and how to find us!


Why I'm not a universalist ...

Over the last few years I’ve been meeting up regularly with ‘David’, who is a not-yet-Christian post-graduate student on our campus. One issue he was particularly interested in was that of universalism: if God’s love is for all people, and if God is sovereign, then surely all people will be saved.Advocates of...

The art of rebuking

Whether it’s the thought of having to rebuke someone or - worse - being the recipient of a rebuke, there are few areas of the Christian life which make us more nervous. Mention the topic of rebuking and retorts like “who are you to judge?”, “stop being holier-than-thou”, “mind your own business” come to mind. And...